Friday, June 03, 2005

Tears in my eyes, and a smile in my heart

Today was just the most amazing day. I came home to see THIS on my kitchen table:

They were from Eddie - somebody very special to me, and the most beautiful card (with cats - he knows how I love them!) On the outside, "Wherever you are.....(inside) Is where I want to be"

He also called to see if I'd gotten them and gotten the answering service (me and Mom were up at Grandma's) and left his cell phone number. So Mom kicked me in the butt and said CALL HIM!!

"But Mom...I won't be able to understand what he says!"

"So I"ll use the portable phone and if you have trouble understanding, I'll interpret!"

so I call him up... he answers... the first couple mins were a bit difficult ...then after about 10 mins, after I'd gotten "used" to his voice... Mom put down the extention and walked away....

And Ed and I talked for another 25 mins on the phone


And I understood him. Amost 95% of what he said. He had to repeat a few things..but I UNDERSTOOD HIM!

My FIRST phone 24 years.. with this CRAPPY program..

and I talked to him!

After we said our goodbyes and hung up I started crying.

Dreams keep coming true!!!

*skips away*

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HONEY BEAR said...

Dearest Dy' , I have to leave a comment.... I'm the LUCKIEST man in the World.... and I hope that this is just the start of OUR HAPPINESS together .... Always AND All-ways ...your Eddie ....