Monday, April 10, 2006

CI Forum

I thought I'd let you know of a new forum for people who either have cochlear implant or know someone who does or works with those who have CI's

From the site:

"The purpose of this site is to mainly become a source of information for people all alike - there are alot of misconceptions out there about cochlear implants and right now it is time to get the facts straight and right. "

It's nice to finally have a "positive attitude" type CI forum, because it seems that on 90% of the deaf forums out there, any talk about CI's turns into a war with people on each side of the fence trying to get the other side to listen and it just doesn't go anywhere. There are so many deaf individuals out there who liken CI's to genocide or the end of the Deaf World. It gets tiring, so it will be really nice (at least from my perspective!) to find a place where we can talk about CI's and our experiences without being flamed.

The address is:

I hope to see you there!!!

(EDIT - Unfortunately, the site is now down. It will be missed.)


I've also found a FANTASTIC quote by Michael Chorost, who wrote Rebuilt

"When you become a cyborg, you're no less human than you were before"

I agree!