Monday, January 09, 2006


Another hurdle for me!!

I had an appointment later this afternoon with my job counsellor but I'm still feeling like I was hit by a MACK truck from this flu bug, so I was waiting for Mom to get up and get her to call them and cancel/reschedule.

I had the number

Picked up the phone

Turned it on....turned it off... "I dunno if I can do this"

Turned it on....turned it off..."WILL I be able to understand them?"

Turned it back on...dialed...*deep breath*.... spoke to the secretary, cancelled, rescheduled, - he's out with the flu too she was going to call me in about 10 min.


I DID IT!!!! My FIRST phone call that *WASN'T* to my family or my boyfriend!!!

I'm starting to believe more in myself and what i can do!