Saturday, June 07, 2008

Adieu, adieu, to you, and you and you!

I think the song "So long, Farewell" from The Sound of Music is appropriate.....

And, well, it seems that the "slippery slope" that I predicted in my last post becoming a reality, and the latest victim is Rachel of CochlearImplantOnline. Rachel is one of the first children to be implanted with a CI, and has been thriving. She's a very outspoken, opinionated and extremely intelligent young lady who has been sharing her experiences and her blog is a gold mine of information for anyone interested in CI's, implanted children, AVT, deafness, and personal confidence. Unfortunately the fact that she's also a volunteer with the Cochlear Awareness Network (CAN) and even declared that she is back in April, has given cause for the DeafRead Gods to decide that she's a commercial enterprise who gets monetary gain from her blog (which is 100% incorrect!) and therefore was summarily removed from the DR blog aggregator without so much as a by-your-leave.

It seems that the DeafRead mods think that because CAN is affiliated with CochlearAmericas, she must be a paid lackey. Indeed, Taylor has even stated that because her blog promotes "awareness", such can be considered MARKETING (I kid you not - you can see his post in the replies on Anonymous Deaf Law Student's recent blog regarding this.)

Since I promote AWARENESS of many things regarding my CI experiences, the equipment I use, the knowledge I have gained from others and through my own adventures, I guess I too am "marketing" the Cochlear brand.

I don't feel I really need to post much else about the matter, as its stirred up a shitstorm (pardon my french, but there's no other way to describe the current conditions,) and it has been blogged to *perfection* on the following sites. I really couldn't say anything that hasn't already been said by these individuals, without echoing what they've posted, and making it sound like more of the same. To them I, I take my hat of and say, Well Done!!!

Kokonut Pundit

Living the Questions

Tales from a CI Gal

The ASL-Cochlear Implant Community

The Ambling Rambler

Patoie's Green Couch

Anonymous Deaf Law Student

Chronicles of a Bionic Woman


Sam Spritzer's blog

If you've written something about this subject and I've failed to include you, its not intentional. I'd love to know, and you're more than welcome to include blog links in the comments so everyone else can find you!

Koko - yes your devilish plan is working splendiferously!! *grin*

So to DeafRead I bid adieu. Please bookmark my blog, and you'll be able to find me easily enough.

Have a great summer's day!


Valerie said...

Your bookmarked. bookmark me.

Kim said...

I bookmarked you already. I hope you bookmark me. Someday I hope we can meet. You're only a hop, skip and jump away. I live just a couple hours south of the 49th parallel. Are you going to IFHOH? I think I asked you that before.

drmzz said...

I'm listening to the Steam's "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Them Goodbye" these days. "Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye..."

Anonymous said...

Your statement;

Koko - yes your devilish plan is working splendiferously!! *grin*

Do you mind explaining what you mean by that?

Anonymous said...

Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye !! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!

Dyniece said...

Valerie - I've had you listed in my favorite blogs on my Bloglines account for a while now :)

Kim - tried to find your blog to link, but clicking on your name brings up "Profile not available" - can you provide me with a link to yours?

Anonymous - the explanation to reference to Koko from Kokonut Pundit can be found on his blog.

As to the door hitting me in the ass on the way out...why NOT? It'll just get me where I'm heading for that much faster *smile* After all, censorship and arbitrary rule enforcement serves nobody.

Dyniece said...

Kim I don't think I'll be going to IFHOH though I wish I could. Financially its just not possible right now. If you go you'll HAVE to share your experience with us all!

Candy said...

Got you bookmarked as well.

I used to love watching and listening to Sound of Music (I actually still have the 33 rpm vinyl album of that soundtrack!)

You should hop on over to this new diverse deaf aggregator site that Paotie is setting up which promises to be VERY diverse.

Anonymous said...

bookmarked finish (as said in ASL)!

ignore drmzz's comment. he is as nasty as "them." Funny his mama isnt at all like him when she taught me.

from a strong Deafie who embraces diversity within Deaf world.

Anonymous said...

Dyniece, I have bookmarked you. Thanks for mentioning my blog too :)


Anonymous said...

Dyniece, I have bookmarked you. Thanks for mentioning my blog too :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Chip and Dale.

They are the Most Sexist Men Alive..... ;-)

Already bookmarked yours until.....Pooooatieee comes up!

White Ghost

Anonymous said...

Yup and drmzz's grandparents weren't like that either! They're the most nicest people and never treated anyone like he does. I knew his grandma very well. Sweet lady.

Remaining anonymous for my own protection. :)

Anonymous said...

Even drmzz's hamster is nicer than his grandparents and mother.

The reason being anon, I am under the witness protection from the animal rights.

drmzz said...

Another record comes to mind and this one is from Ray Charles, "Hit the road, Jack! Don't come back no more, no more, no more..."

Anonymous said...

It is Ok to leave DeafRead and take all those your group on your post.

I am sure that you and your friends will enjoy being with Paotie's new aggregator.

Sponsor? Maybe Richard Roehm will sponsor...?


Anonymous said...

That girl was so irritating! She always looked down on ASL, and even the concept of Deafhood. She was audism personified. I support Taylor 100%

Dyniece said...

Anonymous - if she was irritating then why read her blog? Nobody was forcing you (or anyone else) to read it. There are MANY blogs on DR that cover subjects I don't agree with, and bloggers whose aims are totally contrary to mine, but that doesn't mean that I'd demand they be removed from DR for that reason! DR isn't Deafhood centric, or ASL centric, it supposedly welcomed deaf/Deaf people from all walks of life, with all different kinds of communication methods. Like it or not there ARE people who prefer Oral. Just as there are people who prefer ASL or PSE. Why can't everybody get along instead of people like you saying 'I don't like you so therefore you should be removed' ?????

elizabeth said...

I hope you, and everyone else who has commented in support of diversity and acceptance of all different ways of "being d/Deaf" will consider joining our new, inclusive aggregator, Check it out! We are open to all ideas and methodologies, as long as bloggers are respectful to one another. We all learn a lot by sharing ideas, even if we do not 100% agree.

--Elizabeth, CAN volunteer, writer for, and moderator of DeafVillage (and VERY PROUD of it!)

PS: LOVE the Sound of Music reference -- it's my favorite show/movie ever!

Jt said...

Wow, I don't know if you remember me from our old sorority (I think you once gave a fascinating workshop) but I have a CI myself and have been periodically checking blogs like yours.. keep it up, Dyniece :)


Dyniece said...

Julie!!!! Oh my goodness isn't it great how the internet can reconnect everybody? I'm thrilled you found my blog, and hope that your experiences with your CI have been great!! Do you have a blog as well? If so let me know and I will definitely bookmark it!!