Monday, January 09, 2006


Another hurdle for me!!

I had an appointment later this afternoon with my job counsellor but I'm still feeling like I was hit by a MACK truck from this flu bug, so I was waiting for Mom to get up and get her to call them and cancel/reschedule.

I had the number

Picked up the phone

Turned it on....turned it off... "I dunno if I can do this"

Turned it on....turned it off..."WILL I be able to understand them?"

Turned it back on...dialed...*deep breath*.... spoke to the secretary, cancelled, rescheduled, - he's out with the flu too she was going to call me in about 10 min.


I DID IT!!!! My FIRST phone call that *WASN'T* to my family or my boyfriend!!!

I'm starting to believe more in myself and what i can do!


Dorothy said...

I don't know what it is but I really really really hate the phone. I have caller ID, plus an answering machine. Good luck, girl, it only gets worse. The more you practice, you'll be able to tell those bill collectors where they can get off. ;o)

Dy said...

LOL! I've been told that a couple times, but I'll gladly accept it as a part of being able to hear again. After 20+ years of silence, being able to even USE a phone is a blessing. I'm slowly getting better but a lot depends on how well somebody speaks, how fast, and if they have any accents or speech iregularities (like mumbling, lisps etc.) But its only been 9 months, and my audie told me that even 5 years post activation things keep improving so I'm looking for ward to it! :) Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment- my Dad would agree with you- he HATES the phone!

I use caller ID too because sometimes I DO get calls from telemarketers etc and if its not from somebody I recognize I don't answer.

zoe said...

Hi ya

This is wonderful to see your progress after such a short time, and I can totally understand the stress of calling someone you have never spoken to before.

I also had the freedom implant/ processor and I have also made similar progress as you have done with the phone.

I guess the trick is deep breath, keep calm - what is the worst that can happen!

It does get easier I use the phone all the time now to friends and family - I just need to work up the confidence to use it for work

I found your blog via Ivan who chats on the yahoo ci group I go to.

All the best


Becky said...

I have worn a hearing aid in my right ear since birth and have been profoundly deaf in my left ear.

I have always done really well with one hearing aid and got along with things very well talking on the phone and going to movies.

Well just recently last year I had a softball injury where a ball hit me on the right side of the head above my ear. Caused me to have surgery repairing my inner eardrum and due to the blow to the head I have lost hearing my right ear.

My doctor recommended me to get a cochlear implant in my left ear and I have been activated for 5 weeks now.

I have to admit that I am not liking the implant so far since I can still get along okay with my hearing aid. I feel very fusturated and feel like it is not going to work for me.

I know I have to use it constantly but I feel like I am missing out on things if I take my hearing aid out and put my cochlear implant in.

Has anyone had similar experiences that I am having.

Do I need to wear it all the time and can I wear it with my hearing aid or is that not recommened. My doctor doesn't recommend me using both.

Please help I am feeling fusturated.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am a woman from Norway. On thursday i`m going operate a ci in my right ear. And i want to answer the last question: My doctor said to me, that I could use boht! So if you want to use hearing aid to, DO IT! As long as you need, thats what MY doctor told me to do, if I felt it necessesary! God luck!