Monday, April 25, 2005

Each day brings a new sound

Its been a few days since my last posting. Lots has been happening. Dad hung a gorgeous wind chime just outside my door on a tree branch. It was a gift from a friend of mine last summer, and I was amazed at how beautiful it sounded. My CI could pick up every different ringing tone..I keep going back to it to make it ring!! Lol. Oh for a windy day!

I've also gone down to the beach...the sound of the waves was just as I had remembered it. So soothing, crisp and clear. I just continue to be amazed at what I can pick up with this thing. Like the other day I was sitting down in my room and was hearing these "snap/crackle/creak" sounds and couldn't figure out what they were....eventually I was able to discern that the sounds were
actually coming from above me - when my parents walk across the kitchen floor, the floor creaks! I never had any idea it did that.

I went to a birthday dinner party on Friday for my sister-in-law and had a great time. Although it was a bit difficult following all the conversations (there were 17 of us at the restaurant) I think I did pretty damn good! The only problem is that sounds seem to come at the same intensity initially. I'm learning to "tune out" some sounds but others are harder. When everybody is talking at the same time to different people around the table its very confusing and I find it hard to focus on one particular voice. I'm sure that will come with time.

After the party we went to a bonfire. Oh man the sounds of the wood sparking and crackling was just awesome. I was totally mesmerized by it. It used to be that just the sight of something could catch my attention and soothe me, but I'm finding that some sounds can do that too (the waves on the beach were the same.)

I'm getting more and more "words" out of the jumbles I hear. I'm becoming much more attuned to my mom's voice and quite often can pick out words and even sentences of what she says to other people when I'm not looking at her. I'm also picking out words/phrases on the TV when the closed captioning isn't even on and its just voice in the background (like during advertisements). There will be this "blah blah blah" jumble, and then some words will pop out clear as day. Sometimes I find myself second guessing - did I REALLY "hear" that? But yes its true that the words are coming through and I'm understanding them. Its just amazing.

I'm pleased with the progress so far. I dont use Program 3 on my CI at all - its only marginally better than my hearing aid was. Program 2 is *louder* but I'm learning quick that loudness does NOT necessarily translate into clarity. Its Program 1 that is giving me the clarity of sound and the ability to understand words.

I go back to Vancouver on May 6 for my first follow up and I'll make a post when I get back, if not before :)

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Mo said...

well, I'm just amazed at your progress thus far, Bella! How absolutely wonderful for you. I'm so glad you opted to keep this blog about your progress and all, as I read it with wonder - its like I too am hearing the ocean for the first time, or the opening of that bag of chips! ;)
Thanks for sharing with all of us!